Party cooperation experiment Q 17 | Q18

Next to the Cultural Typhoon exhibition 2017 something magical is going on – in one part of the same hall (Halle 18) another project team is creating “Q17 | Q18 – PARTICIPATE” with an open concept. Creators, cultural initiatives and organizations of all kinds will be able to temporarily benefit from the infrastructure of the still vacant hall on “the flow”.

Thanks to the Q 17 |  Q 18 team! We are looking forward to synergy, cooperation & inspiration from each other!


Q17 | Q18

& The Cultural Typhoon


23.09, 21:30 in Hall 18 on AEG


Florian Seyberth (Sonic Space Disco / Boozoo Bajou / K7 Records)

Babis Cloud (Belly Cloud / Zoom Club)

Code Canary (live)




Q17 | Q18 – WORK IN PROGRESS (2013)

Q17 | Q18 – SENSES (2015)

Q17 | Q18 – PARTICIPATE (2017)


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