Organizers & Sponsors

Organizing team of the Cultural Typhoon in Europe 2017:

Fabian Schäfer & Tamara Fuchs, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Chair of Japanese Studies

Stefan Becker & Maria Trunk, Institute for Applied Heterotopia, Barcelona – Dresden – Nürnberg



Supporters of the Cultural Typhoon in Europe 2017:

Even though the Cultural Typhoon in Europe is a low budget conference, we will get support by some institutions, foundations and teams. Without their contributions and sponsoring, this conference would not be possible.

We are much obliged to the following institutions for their kind support:

Institute for Near Eastern and East Asian Cultures and Civilizations (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg)

Institute for Applied Heterotopia (team of artists & scientists, Barcelona – Dresden – Nürnberg)

Association for Cultural Typhoon (Japan)

Re : Visions – East Asia, Culture, Critique (Academic Journal)

Quellkollektiv e.V. (NGO)

Kulturbüro Muggenhof (City of Nürnberg)

Amt für Kultur und Freizeit (City of Nürnberg)

Kulturamt Erlangen (City of Erlangen)

Q 17 / Q18 (participatory and open concept for creators, cultural initiatives and organizations of all kinds )

heizhaus (pilot project from Quellkollektiv e.V.)

Auf AEG – creating communities (participatory program managed by MIB Coloured Fields)


Special Thanks to:

Stefanie Walter, Stefanie Dunker, Kiki Lucaciu, Grit Koalick, Jessica Bauer, Chris Weiss, Carsten Galle, Marga & Wanda Leuthe, Titus Spree, Stefan Methner, Bonnie Wentzke, Eva Wünsch, Tobias Fischer, Thilo Schaffert, Tom Leather and Dirk Murschall!

… and many other lovely people who trusted, coached and supported the Typhoon team 2017 in many different ways!