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Re: Visions
A Multilingual Open Access Journal on Cultures in East Asia

Re: Visions is a multilingual open access journal for discussions about culture in the East Asian region ( It provides an innovative platform for collaborative, egalitarian and transparent knowledge generation.
Reacting to widespread criticism of established forms of publishing, Re: Visions experiments with a new model for intellectual interaction. It is featured on the MIT-built platform PubPub (, which allows any registered user to publish and comment on texts with a few clicks, thus potentially turning a publication into an ongoing discursive practice. The system allows you to publish your ideas at an early stage and create new, edited versions at any time. Readers can view these versions and retrace the history of the text, or comment on it directly. As such, PubPub
– and Re: Visions – endorses a more interactive and transparent exchange of opinions instead of the rigid process of publishing and reviewing articles known from print media.
Matching the ambition of the first Cultural Typhoon in Europe, Re: Visions wants to offer an alternative space for knowledge production and exchange. We hope to bring together participants from the fields of Japanese Studies and the broader international network of Cultural Studies.
Please join us in this experiment with a new, more dynamic practice of knowledge generation.

You can find a more detailed description of Re: Visions here: or here as pdf.